Server Ip: infernoprison.net

Problems/Dispute: Please wait about 10 minutes after you complete the transaction. Most donations process in about 2 minutes. Need help retrieving your rank? Contact pimpdaddy47 at matthewnault2000@gmail.com , with proof, to retrieve your items. All payments are done through PayPal, and all purchases are Final. If you attempt to chargeback a purchase your account will be banned on this server. This is to prevent fraud and the returning of money for purchased goods (Ranks, items, etc.) Just because they are virtual, does not mean you can get them for free.

Note: All the prices on the store are in US Dollars, BUT if you are from other countries such as America, etc, the checkout will automatically convert the price into your local currency when you go to pay.

Please Consider: If any problems occur within the server, you may not be able to join our server. Therefore, you will not be able to use your items until the server is back up. If all donation ranks are lost, we will try our best to retrieve your ranks, items, etc.



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